A Passionate Obama Defends Social Security In A Genius Move To Beat Ron Johnson

Barack Obama is mad.

He has certainly been mad before, very mad, probably often as mad as Trump during his presidency. But Barack Obama was the first black president. He wouldn’t be allowed to be an “angry black man” while also being the president. He had to hold it in. Watch his face during the “You lie!” moment at the State of the Union. Somehow, he held it. But Barack Obama is no longer president. He will never face voters again and may be the most admired man in the world. Now, Barack Obama has some things to say, some of them make him mad, very mad, like the fact that Republicans like Ron Johnson are considering a raid on Social Security. And Obama no longer has any reason to hold anything back and – as is discussed below, he had a tactical reason to let it out now, too.

Watch and be stunned:

The thing that takes this to the “Obama level,” is that, though he’s genuinely angry, he also has a highly technical and genius reason to let his anger out beyond his passion.

Obama knows that Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is a few points behind Ron Johnson. Obama knows that Barnes needs a paradigm shift, big news, to win. Obama understands that moderate voters must trust Democrats with the economy or the Democrats will lose, so he gives a speech about the GOP taking away Social Security. And Obama also knows that if he gives a speech in Wisconsin in which he gets angrier than he’s ever been behind a podium, expressing why it’s disgusting that Johnson is planning to “re-do” Social Security, the clip WILL get played on the local news, likely several times, and moderate voters will hear that Ron Johnson wants to take their Social Security away.

Barack Obama was mad. But he can’t ever let that genius side go, either. He may have wanted to take that level of anger out before, but this time he saw a very strategic reason for doing so. Obama may have single handily given Barnes a full percentage point of the vote. It is Wisconsin, and single percentages are critical.