A Roe Blue Wave In Texas As Democrats Have A 10 Point New Voter Registration Advantage

New voter registration is skyrocketing in Texas as young Democrats are registering after the overturn of Roe.

The Houston Chronicle reported:

According to TargetSmart, Democrats now have a 10-percentage point advantage among new registrants since Dobbs, making up 42 percent to Republicans’ 32 percent. Before Dobbs, Republicans had a five-point advantage.

The state’s young voters — defined as those under age 25 — are also leaning more blue, the analysis found. Democrats now make up 47 percent of young Texas voters, up from 34 percent. The Republican share has remained the same at just under 30 percent.

Analysis: The Bigger Younger Voter Democratic Registration Growth Makes Sense In Texas

The reason why the younger voter registration growth in red states like Texas makes sense is that abortion is under direct threat in Texas. Republicans in the state have already banned abortion. Also, there is more room for the Democratic Party to grow in Texas, which has been a Republican-dominated state for decades.

Young people who value choice are registering to vote in large numbers in states where that fundamental right has already been taken away. For a young Democrat in New York, losing fundamental health care rights is an abstract concept.

Texas is showing how voters react when their rights are taken away.