Adam Kinzinger Tells The Blunt Truth And Blames Republicans For Pelosi Attack

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said what other members of his party won’t and blamed Republicans for the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Rep. Kinzinger tweeted:

Rep. Kinzinger was correct. It is the election-denying Republicans who have fueled the climate of violence. Republicans have lined up to wish Paul Pelosi a full recovery, but the one thing that none of the Republican leadership has done is denounce the election conspiracy theories and lies that fueled this assassination attempt on the Speaker of the House.

Republicans won’t take ownership of the climate that they have created. They won’t condemn Trump and his lies. They won’t even contradict Trump and his lies.

The GOP sits quietly in the corner and sends out thoughts and prayers while the individuals that they have radicalized try to murder high-ranking government officials.

At a time when the nation needs more Republicans like him, Adam Kinzinger will be leaving office in a few months, as the Trump terror cell that has disguised itself as the former party of Reagan, Ike, and Lincoln will continue to percolate.