Another Trump Senate Candidate Has Been Condemned By The People Who Knew Him Best

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters has been condemned by 75 of his classmates, teachers, and alumni.

AZ Mirror reported:

A group of Blake Masters’ former classmates at Green Fields Country Day School in Tucson have condemned him in no uncertain terms in an open letter saying that he would “lead Arizona down a dark, dystopian path.”


“He peddles extremist ideology — attacking veterans, calling abortion ‘demonic,’ being endorsed by Neo-Nazis, blaming gun violence on ‘Black people, frankly,’ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Masters’ former classmates said in the letter. “He also belittles those who don’t share his views, and it’s clear Blake will lead Arizona down a dark, dystopian path. He is a man who gave up everything — his friends, his community, his values, and his integrity — all in pursuit of power, position, and prestige.”

Whether it is Herschel Walker being denounced by his own son, Dr. Oz being denounced as dangerous by the medical community, or Blake Masters being denounced by the people that he went to school with a clear trend has developed where Trump’s hand-picked Senate candidates are being called dangerous by those who know them best.

Each of these candidates is currently losing in their elections, but without vigilance, they could each find themselves in the United States Senate helping Republicans implement an extremist agenda.

Blake Masters is currently losing to Sen. Mark Kelly and Republicans have sent signals that they are giving up on the race, but voters must finish the job on election day and make sure that each of these dangerous extremists is\ denied a seat in the Senate.