ARIZONA VOTERS: Check Your Ballot Status Now In Case It Needs To Be CURED

Some Arizona voters must cure their ballots and ensure it gets counted by the deadline on Wednesday.

Arizona votes have been kicked back and were not counted due to issues relating to signature verification.

This needs to be corrected by Wednesday by checking your status at or and curing your signature.

Tyler Bowyer tweeted this information yesterday, explaining how one can cure their ballot.

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As The Gateway Pundit reported, Maricopa County is underreporting the ballot count and mixing uncounted ballots with ballots that have already been counted.

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Lake shared this bombshell on Twitter, and a voter responded, saying they received a message on Friday stating, “there was a problem with your ballot. Please call the Maricopa County Recorders office asap at 602-506-1511 to get your ballot fixed (cured).” However, this voter reported that when they called, they received an automated recording that the office was closed for the holiday.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a recent ballot dump in Maricopa County, which showed only 54.6% for Kari Lake.

Wendy Rogers and the Charlie Kirk show reacted to this shocking news last night to talk about this drop. Tyler Bowyer says Maricopa County has already processed all of the ballots, and “they know the answer” of who won.

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However, many of these ballots need to be cured so that they can be counted.

Hobbs still leads Kari Lake by 1% (26,011 votes).

About 160,000 ballots remain in the state of Arizona to be counted. Kari needs to win about 58% of these remaining votes.

All voters need to visit to make sure their ballot is counted!