Bipartisan House Bill Unveiled To Stop Potential Trump 2024 Coup

Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) have introduced the Presidential Election Reform Act to prevent Trump from stealing 2024.

Here is a summary of the bill:

According to NBC News, the bill would “The 38-page bill would make clear the vice president’s role in counting votes is simply ministerial and raise the threshold for objecting to electors from one member of the House and Senate to one-third of each chamber. It would require governors and states to send electors to Congress for candidates who won the election based on state law prior to Election Day, according to an official summary, meaning states couldn’t change their election rules retroactively after an election.”

States would also be banned from extending the election or refusing to certify the results. The legislation also requires that if there is an objection during the count to a state’s results, that objection must be based on specific constitutional grounds.

In 2024, Republicans in the House and Senate will not be able to object to the results in a state because they voted by mail.

In other words, all of the avenues that Trump attempted to use to overthrow the government in 2024 would be closed off. Republicans won’t be able to refuse to certify results because their candidate did not win.

The Trump plan for 2024 appears to be to get people elected in swing states during the 2022 midterm will only certify the vote for him. The reform legislation will allow candidates to sue in federal court to get state officials to certify an election.

States will do as they have always done under the constitutional system. They will run their presidential elections, but state officials will not be able to reject the will of the voters and choose their own winners.

The Presidential Election Reform Act, or whatever the final compromise bill with the Senate is called, will be the most critical legislation that Congress passes for the rest of the year.

The legislation will prevent another coup and protect democracy.