Boston Properties Announces Executive Leadership Update By

Boston Properties (BXP) Announces Executive Leadership Update

BXP (BXP), the largest publicly traded developer, owner, and manager of premier workplaces in the United States, today announced that Senior Executive Vice President Raymond A. Ritchey has elected to transition to a less than full time role. Although Mr. Ritchey will be allocating time to personal, business, and philanthropic pursuits outside of BXP, he will remain an integral member of the executive management team at BXP, and he will continue to support BXP’s Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Seattle regional businesses, as well as coordinate companywide leasing and cross regional client relationships.

“Ray is one of the most recognized and respected figures in real estate in Washington, DC, and he contributes to BXP across many of our markets. We are delighted that Ray will continue to provide his time and talents to supporting BXP’s success,” said Owen Thomas, Chairman & CEO, BXP.