Democrats Ask Watchdog To Investigate The IRS For Not Auditing Trump

House Ways and Means Democrats have requested that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigate the IRS for not auditing Trump.

Politico reported:
The committee Democrats want the GAO to probe why the IRS didn’t ask Treasury or Congress for more resources if the agency was struggling to fully audit Trump’s voluminous returns.

The lawmakers also ask in their letter what administrative actions the IRS and Treasury could take and what laws Congress could consider passing to protect the program from potential meddling.

“Members of Congress need further information related to the failures to conduct presidential audits during the Trump Administration to ensure that, as elected representatives, we are adequately equipped to assess and address the integrity and continued function of the presidential audit program, as well as necessary improvements to the program,” they wrote.

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House Republicans are going to try to distract the country with endless Biden investigations. Still, the stark reality for the Republican Party and Donald Trump is that the failure to audit the former president is not going away.
If Trump is still a candidate in 2024 for the Republican presidential nomination, all of the tax returns stories are going to return. One of the biggest stories is the potential abuse of power by members of the previous administration or the former president himself to stop his tax returns from being audited.

A GAO investigation could be a headache for the Republicans, especially as they try to claim that the federal government has been weaponized against conservatives.

House Republicans are going to get the attention because they are in the majority, but Democrats aren’t planning on sitting on their hands for the next two years.

Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats.