Doug Mastriano Was Registered To Vote In New Jersey Until Last Year

Pennsylvania GOP candidate for governor Doug Mastriano was registered to vote in New Jersey until 2021.

According to New Jersey Globe:

Gubernatorial candidate Douglas Mastriano was a registered voter in New Jersey for 28 years until July 2021 when election officials changed his status to inactive.

Records show that Mastriano voted from his family’s Hightstown home from 1982, when he turned 18, through the 2010 general election. He remained on the voter rolls until a sample ballot was returned roughly six months after the death of his mother last year.

Republicans In Pennsylvania Have A New Jersey Problem

Mastriano won’t have the same issue that Oz has had because he is a far right-wing true believer. He was also the runaway choice of Republican voters in the GOP in the gubernatorial primary.

However, outside of Oz’s background, it would be difficult to find a candidate who has less of a relationship with Pennsylvania values than someone who spent most of their life voting in New Jersey. The latest polling shows Mastriano trailing by 11 points to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, so his New Jersey roots are far from his biggest problem, but it is definitely not helping him with the voters of the Keystone State.