‘Fast Track to Prosecution’ for Trump as Judge Cannon Finally Dismisses Special Master Proceeding

The Justice Department now has access to the tens of thousands of records seized during a lawful search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club and legal expert Norm Eisen says this means Trump is now back on the fast track to prosecution.

Judge Aileen Cannon finally dismissed the case brought by Trump to block the DOJ from investigating the evidence they seized by using a “special master review” approved oddly by Cannon.

The special master, Raymond Dearie, was supposed to determine whether or not prosecutors could even access the evidence collected. This evidence involves U.S. national security and top secrets, and the improper storage of it has put the U.S. in a precarious position of not knowing who has seen what.

CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen wrote in response to the news that this means Trump is again on the fast track to prosecution: “Judge Cannon dismisses the special master proceeding that she never should’ve initiated

This is sweet vindication for those of us who analyzed from the start this day would come for the rule of law

It also means Trump is once again on the fast track to prosecution”

NBC and MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner pointed out that Judge Cannon acting to benefit Trump seems “kinda investigate-able?”

It is hardly a partisan stance that Cannon’s initial ruling was absolutely problematic. Lawfare blog pointed out in September after her initial ruling, “But Cannon’s opinion actually defies defense… (T)he decision is worth critiquing in depth not just because of its importance to one of the central news stories of the day but also because of the number of its errors, their magnitude, and their capacity for disruption of perhaps the highest-profile national security investigation in American history.”

An opinion piece by lawyer Robert Schwaninger at the Telegraph put it even more pointedly, “U.S. District Court judge, Aileen Cannon, should be removed from office because she is unfit to serve due to her violation of judicial ethics in favor of Donald Trump. It is insufficient that she be simply admonished or that her decision be tossed on appeal as it was. Her decisions are so legally twisted that they undermine the very foundation of American law.”

Some of the Trump judges like Cannon are absolutely out of control. The true MAGA-types too often see the power they’ve been given as a mechanism to steal justice – even from the United States herself – in order to protect Trump/their party’s hold on power.

Judge Cannon’s warped thinking that a special master should even have access to top secret documents in order to determine if the government should be able to investigate the person who stole them is next level Trumpism.

Trump has exploited the judge shopping system that has worked so well for him in the past, but at least on this one issue, it finally collapsed and justice is having a say.

Re-establishing the basic premise of the rule of law in this country would be a very good way to actually Make America Great Again.