Hakeem Jeffries Shows He’s Ready To Lead House Democrats In First Press Conference

The next leader of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), said that the Democrats’ primary goal is making life better for everyday Americans.


Leader-Elect Jeffries said:

House Democrats fight for the people. That’s our story. That’s our legacy. That’s our values. That’s our commitment. As we move forward, get stuff done. Make life better for everyday Americans. We look forward to finding opportunities to partner with the other side of the aisle and work with them whenever possible.

But we will also push back against extremism whenever necessary. We love this country. We love democracy. We love the Congress and the House of Representatives, the institution designed to be the closest to the people. And we’re going to fight hard each and every day. We have this honor to serve in Congress to deliver.

Democrats have made the right decision in encouraging Jeffries to follow Nancy Pelosi. Rep. Jeffries is committed to what voters rewarded Democrats for in the midterm election. Voters want Congress to get things done.

With House Republicans mired in chaos and dysfunction, Democrats are poised to potentially hold a great deal of power as the minority, and the message Jeffries delivered at the press conference will be a powerful argument to take to voters in 2024.

The smooth transition in House Democrat leadership stands in contrast to the debacle unfolding on the Republican side of the aisle. 

If the first press conference is any indication, House Democrats appear to have done well with their new leadership choices.