Herschel Walker Is Worse Than Trump Access Hollywood Tapes

After a week of revelation after revelation, leaving Georgia’s GOP U.S. Senate candidate, Herschel Walker, spun senselessly and then watching the MAGA movement twist itself in knots trying to keep Walker viable, saying none of this matters, Joe Scarborough has heard enough. He says that the MAGAs have managed to hit a new low, as impossible as that seems, in supporting Walker moving ahead. VIDEO BELOW:

Listen up, Rick Scott just said that Georgia values is holding a gun to woman’s head and saying you’re going to pull the trigger and kill her. That’s what Rick Scott says.

“Rick Scott says Georgia values is having four children that you abandon –four that we know so far, four that you do not raise. He says that Georgia’s values are lying. I mean, in real-time, we saw on this show when this woman was brought up, Walker lied, and he goes, like, she doesn’t exist, I don’t know who this person is, and then we find out that this person that Walker says on the campaign trail to Georgia voters, Georgia values, a politician lying through his teeth about abortions, a politician lying through his teeth about children that he’s the father of who he’s abandoned, four children.”

If anything, the above is understated.

“He says the woman doesn’t exist. At the same time, the woman is texting his wife, at the same time the woman is talking to the New York Times, at the same time the woman is saying not only did I have one abortion because he pressured me to do it, he wanted me to have a second abortion and I refused to do it, so that was the end of our relationship. Walker says this woman doesn’t exist, and yet in 2014 he started paying child support for the child that his girlfriend refused to abort.”

And then Joe summed it up with more sorrow than anything and a rare plea (almost) to Republican sanity, saying they’re entering new territory:

“We’re all humans, we all sin, we all make mistakes — that’s not the problem. The problem is that he has abandoned four children, and one of those children started all this by coming out saying he refused to be a dad to any of us, he just continued going out having sex with other women instead of being our dad, and this really is the Republican [Party] at its lowest point. I think even more than the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape.

Rick Scott talks about Georgia values and says he’s coming in to endorse a guy who’s abandoned four children, paid for abortions, lied about the abortions, put a gun up to a woman’s head, said he was going to kill her — never has denied that. He’s just lying through his teeth.”

Yes, altogether, it is worse than the Access Hollywood tapes. The tapes constituted evidence of Trump’s inner self, but most Americans already had a sense of that truth.

And the powerful summation calling Republicans out by name:

Speaking for myself here, the least, the single least qualified candidate for the United States Senate that I’ve ever seen win his party’s or her party’s nomination, and Republicans like Tom Cotton, who is so morally self-righteous, rushing in to go, yes, I’m proud to support this guy who, again, made mistakes, we all made mistakes, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God — Jesus tells us that’s. That’s not the breaking news.

The breaking news is he’s still lying about the abortions, he’s still lying about the children he abandoned. He’s still lying about these women who were saying he abused them or neglected their children, and this is what Rick Scott supports. This is what Tom Cotton supports. This is what the Republican Party of Donald Trump in 2022 supports. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Last week, this site made the same point. One can rehabilitate past problems (to a point), but it takes years of work and honesty. Walker’s sin is that he continues to lie to the point that one would never know what Walker was really doing as a Senator. He’d lie about anything.

One can quibble about the fact that as bad as Walker is, and he’s the worst up for office right now, the fact that the MAGAs have whitewashed January 6th to the point that it is now talked about triumphantly, while also still supporting Trump even though Trump, too, has clearly broken the law in more than one jurisdiction, putting this nation and others in danger, makes it a close case. But with respect to electoral politics, yes – this is a new low.