House Democrats Form A Truth Squad To Stop Jim Jordan’s Lies

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) said that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and Jim Jordan’s select committee had formed a truth squad to combat his lies.


Plaskett said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

Because Jim Jordan is not being, as I said earlier this week in a letter, he’s not being an honest broker. Never mind being a colleague. And in anywhere acting as who would in the House with sharing information.

They have not been interested in sitting down and talking with us. They have been very secretive about who they are meeting with. And when they do put the information out there, putting it to the media, and including in a way that is not truthful and is not giving the full picture to the American people. So it is necessary for us to ensure we said that we are the truth squad and we’re going to continue making sure, not only that the work that the American people that sent us to Washington is being done, but also in fact that the truth is going to be pulled up each and every time when they are not telling the truth.

The first effort by the truth squad was a very effective report revealing that Jim Jordan’s whistleblowers aren’t whistleblowers.

Democrats appear to have learned a great deal since 2016, when House Republicans were able to use their majority to attack and smear Hillary Clinton. Democrats are ready for Jordan, and they are fighting back. Rep. Jordan isn’t going to get away with injecting lies and disinformation into the media. One of the best ways to protect democracy is to make the truth available to the American people.