House Republicans Use Russian Video To Unveil Their Agenda For America

House Republicans are using Russian stock footage to promote their midterm election agenda for America.

Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost tweeted:

House Republicans were celebrating America’s national resources with footage from Russia so on brand that it is almost too on the nose.

These are easy mistakes to avoid. Don’t buy Russian stock footage. Don’t use Russian stock footage in your video promoting America’s natural resources.

Republicans keep making these sorts of embarrassing gaffes with their ads and videos, and they are born out of laziness. Republicans haven’t learned that people are going to check their sourcing.

House Republicans are committing to America and can’t be bothered to use American footage.

The real House GOP has nothing to do with making life better for Americans, but it is all about raising prescription drug prices and cutting Social Security and Medicare.

House Republicans are committing to agenda that will make life worse for the American people. Kevin McCarthy and his gang are only interested in taking away from people instead of giving them opportunity and progress, and even worse, they don’t care enough to make sure that the footage that they are using to promote their facade is American.