Jamie Raskin Rips Republicans To Shreds On The House Floor

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) slammed Republicans for being anti-personal freedom, Putin supporters, and opposed to democracy on the House floor.

Video of Raskin:

Raskin said:

America is a country of individual freedom and the rights of the people to make their own decisions, not having busy body theocrat politicians in state capitols how to make their own decisions about their careers, their lives, their families, and their healthcare, and certainly not allowing Lindsey Graham to tell the women of America what their destiny will be, and they won’t say a word about it.

They’ll blame Joe Biden for global inflation. They’ll blame Joe Biden for Vladimir Putin’s filthy imperialist invasion of Russia (Ukraine). I hear them denounce Joe Biden.  They won’t denounce Vladimir Putin for one second.


We’re on the side of small d democrats all over the world against the autocrats like Putin, against the theocrats like the people who would dictate to the women of America their own health decisions. We’re against the tyrants and bullies and the despots. We’re against presidents who get into office and try to dictate the political decision-making of individual members of the workforce and push their ideological program into the government, and we’re for defending whistleblowers. We’re for defending the Census. We’re for defending democratic institutions in America.

Jamie Raskin went on the House floor and basically called Republicans a bunch of theocratic democracy-destroying Putin worshippers. Rep. Raskin was correct. Only one political party in the United States is trying to protect democracy. Only one party is trying to protect individual rights, and that same party is also standing up to Putin.

Democrats are fighting for the country that Republicans are seeking to remake into an autocratic threat to democracy.