John Fetterman Passes The Pennsylvania Debate Test As Oz Changes His Positions

Lt. Gov. Fetterman had some early issues with his speech, but as the debate went on, he got stronger, while Oz dodged questions and stuck to Republican talking points.

Fetterman talked about being knocked down by his stroke:

Fetterman said, “And let’s also talk about the elephant in the room. I had a stroke. He’s never let me forget that. And I might miss some words during this debate. Mush two words together. But it knocked me down but I’m going to keep coming back up. And this campaign is all about to me is about fighting for everyone in Pennsylvania that ever got knocked down that needs to get back up and fighting for all forgotten communities across Pennsylvania that also got knocked down that needs to get to get back up.”

Oz changed his position once again on abortion and claimed that he now opposes the national abortion ban proposed by the GOP, “I’m not going to support federal — federal rules that block the ability of states to do what they wish to do. The abortion decision should be left to the states.”

Oz on abortion:

The debate itself was Fetterman explaining positions and Oz using the national Senate candidate talking points while frequently contradicting himself and changing positions.

It was clear that Oz was on a mission to paint Fetterman as an extremist while offering answers that were lacking in policy and as the debate went on Oz started tapping directly into Trump’s talking points. For instance, he called for a foreign policy of “strength.”

As with most political debates, it likely didn’t move many voters. The Pennsylvania electorate has been well entrenched before the debate, there are not a lot of persuadable voters in the state.

Overall, Oz constantly danced around questions to the point where the moderators had to follow up to try to get a specific answer from him.

John Fetterman did what he had to do and Pennsylvania voters should feel confident that he will be able to do the job. The idea that Fetterman is a fighter who got knocked down and has gotten back up, and his stroke has made him sympathetic to many voters.

The Pennsylvania Senate election won’t be a blow out, because Republicans have brought their voters home, but nothing happened in this debate that will prevent John Fetterman from being elected to the US Senate in two weeks.