John Fetterman Torches Dr. Oz In Interview With Lawrence O’Donnell

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman hammered Dr. Oz repeatedly during an interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

Video of Fetterman:

Fetterman told Lawrence O’Donnell when asked about the difference between his stroke and those suffered by sitting senators, ” Well you know what the differences, is that — you know, they didn’t have doctors in their lives making fun of them. Making jokes about having a stroke. What kind of sick is it? What kind of a doctor — that had somebody that was sick, that he’s rooting on him remaining sick? ! I can’t believe — I can’t believe that having a doctor that is cheering on for me not to get better — but the truth is, is that I’m going to be feeling better in January, but he’s going to still be a fraud! That’s the difference between myself and other senators that have strokes too. They don’t have a doctor ridiculing it and making light of It.”

O’Donnell asked Fetterman for his one-minute closing argument. Fetterman said, “I’m running to serve Pennsylvania! And he’s running to use Pennsylvania! That’s the truth. And this is a guy that has been in Pennsylvania for five minutes — and has nothing no about Pennsylvania — can relate to people in Pennsylvania, have no idea, no clue what it’s like! At the end of the day, you have ten gigantic mansions, how could you possibly have a life that anybody in Pennsylvania could recognize?”

Fetterman has the winning argument, and oz is a fraud who isn’t from the state. It is also clear that the Lt. Governor is getting healthier in his recovery from the stroke. He was much stronger in the interview with O’Donnell and the stroke which doesn’t matter to most Pennsylvania voters is soon not going to be a relevant talking point.

John Fetterman has had to survive a barrage of anti-Fetterman super PAC ads, but he still leads in every poll and is back on the air with a Republicans for Fetterman ad across the state.

The Pennsylvania Senate race is coming down to the wire, and Democrats are in a good position to win.