Kamala Harris Turns The Tables As Chuck Todd Tries To Divide Democrats

Vice President Kamala Harris turned the tables on Chuck Todd as he tried to divide Democrats.

Video of Vice President Harris:

Transcript via Meet The Press:


You’re not worried that this reflects poorly on the Democrats?


I think that what we have to focus on is that in 60 days as of this interview, in less than two months, we are looking at a midterm election in which so much is on the line. Take, for example, the issue of choice. The United States Supreme Court, in the Dobbs decision, just took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the women of America, from the people of America. Well, how does that relate to the midterms? Our president has said he will not let the filibuster get in the way. If the Senate, through a majority vote, votes to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, he will sign it into law. You know what that means in the midterms? We need to hold on to the Senate and get two more. And then we can put into law the protections of Roe v. Wade. Everything is on the line when you think about the millions of women and people in America who care about them, who understand the significance of protecting a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body —

Chuck Todd was trying to split Democrats on the move by some Democratic campaigns to run ads boosting extremist MAGA candidates in GOP primaries, but instead of playing Todd’s game, Vice President Harris smartly turned Todd’s question into the issue of choice and what it would mean if Democrats add to their Senate majority.

Vice President Harris was able to talk about the issue that is motivating Democratic voters to flock to the polls. At the same time, all the Meet The Press moderator seemed interested in was getting Harris to say something that would divide the Democratic Party.

Americans aren’t holding family discussions to talk about the merits of candidate campaign strategy. The corporate media is out of step with the American people.

Vice President Harris knows what matters, even if Chuck Todd wants to waste interview time on corporate media nonsense.