Korea vs Japan Live Score, Hockey World Cup: Korea lead 2-1 at end of Q3

The FIH Men’s World Cup has now reached Day 5 of its caravan and today, there are two games in store for the audiences at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar. While in the first game, which will begin at 05:00 pm IST, Korea will face co-Asians Japan, two heavyweights of hockey, Germany and Belgium will fight it out in the second game which begins at 07:00 pm IST. 
It is very evident that Korea and will be fighting for the third position and a chance to get into the cross-overs. Teams finishing third in their group will go the cross-overs while the fourth-placed side will head home straight away. 
Korea were defeated 0-5 by Belgium in their opener while faced a less humiliating 0-3 loss against Germany. Therefore the winner of this game would most likely finish third in the group as neither Korea are strong enough to beat Germany, nor Japan to beat Belgium. 

The second game, between Germany and Belgium, would be a fight for the quarterfinal as the winner will most likely top the group and march straight into the quarterfinal as per the rules of the World Cup. Both Germany and Belgium have won their opening matches with the Belgians being ultra-aggressive. The two teams will therefore go all out in this game with a nothing to lose attitude to try and claim all-important first place.