Republicans Are Freaking As Biden Won’t Stop Telling The Truth About Their Social Security Plans

House and Senate Republicans are complaining. They want Biden to stop saying that they intend to cut Social Security, even as they discuss various ideas to end or cut benefits.

NBC News reported:

White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in an email that protecting those programs “is core to President Biden’s top priority” and made it clear he won’t stop calling out plans to scale them back.

“A wide range of Republican lawmakers have endorsed severe cuts to Medicare and Social security benefits in the name of ‘fiscal responsibility,’” Bates said. “Complaining that the President is accurately shining a light on plans they don’t want their constituents to know about is very much not the defense they think.”

It represents a growing divide with Republicans, who continue to rule out new taxes to finance the benefits and instead believe spending must be curtailed in the long run.
Republicans want to cut spending on Social Security and some of their ideas involve work requirements or privatization of the program. Guess what happens if Republicans cut Social Security spending without raising the wage cap on the Social Security tax, which is currently $160,200?

Benefits will get cut. People will lose the benefits that they have paid for by working.

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