Secret Service Anticipated Violence Before March to Capitol

Rep. Adam Schiff from California presented new evidence as proof that the Secret Service anticipated the violence at the Capitol well before January 6th and on the morning of January 6th.

Schiff introduced an email proving that the Secret Service was aware of the plan to attack the Capitol and had the evidence as far back as December 24. On December 31st, the Secret Service presented rhetoric on the net that captured social media messages which included “We are the storm,” and “1776 rhetoric.” You will, of course, recall that Lauren Boebert declared January 6th was “1776” as just an interesting aside.

Schiff also presented communications between the Secret Service, which said it felt like the calm before the storm. And that members of the USS noticed that certain rally-goers were not going into the Elipse (large crowds), and they deduced that the crowd outside the Elipse was armed. Again, the USS knew the crowds had weapons.

On January 5th, the USS was aware of new chatter regarding threats to Pence. They knew that many planned on storming the Capitol and harming Pence and members of Congress “if they don’t do the right thing.”

On that night (January 5th) Trump could tell that his supporters were riled up and thus susceptible to suggestions that Trump might make regarding threats to Pence.  The USS also knew of the danger.

The Committee caught Secret Service members lying in their statements:

And again, proof that the USS knew that Pence was in danger on January 6th.

This new evidence is devastating to the Secret Service, and we also know that most of the communications between agents were erased or destroyed. This evidence is tragic and new to this hearing.