The DOJ Will Be Spending Christmas Investigating Trump – PoliticusUSA

The DOJ will get thousands of Capitol attack-related interviews, which means they will be spending the holidays investigating Trump.

Video of Norm Eisen talking about the lift the DOJ will get from the 1/6 Committee’s investigation:

Eisen said on CNN:

They don’t need the referrals, but I think the referrals are helpful. As you noted, there is a mountain of evidence here. The committee has really been a trailblazer. They were ahead of DOJ and that evidence is compelling but the legal analysis is important as well.

These are the toughest of the criminal indicates facing Trump, the Mar-a-Lago documents case, the Georgia DA’s criminal case for the alleged election denial, those are easier cases. So DOJ can use a little bit of a lift from the committee and the committee is giving them one.

The Department of Justice and Special Counsel Jack Smith are going to be very busy when the 1/6 Committee’s evidence is fully turned over. Anytime an investigation can get the transcripts of interviews with over 1,000 witnesses, it is going to provide a lift. The DOJ will certainly find new information, and it will help to support their ongoing investigations.

The 1/6 Committee’s investigation has always been a threat to Trump’s political future, but the politics and the potential for criminal prosecution are set to become a potential perfect storm.