Thousands Of Americans Take To The Streets Across America In Women’s March For Reproductive Rights

Hundreds of protests are happening nationwide as Americans are joining women in marching for reproductive rights.

The DC march:

The women’s march in Denver, CO:

The start of the march in NYC:

The march in Pittsburgh, PA:

It is important to keep in mind that each of the thousands upon thousands of people who are marching are some of the most likely individuals to vote in the midterm, and these voters will not be supporting Republican candidates who favor taking away reproductive rights.

The march hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves from mainstream media. If hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters took to the streets, cable news would be there with wall-to-wall coverage.

People fighting for their right to medical care so they don’t die are treated like a third-tier story on a Saturday.

It doesn’t matter if the media wants to pay attention because, in a month, these Americans will be casting their ballots for candidates that support reproductive rights.