Trump Could Be Destroyed As New York Could Look To Recover $1 Billion In Penalties And Fines

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said that the state of New York could be looking to recover $750 million to $1 billion in penalties and fines against Trump.

Video of Michael Cohen on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart:

Cohen said when asked if the New York case against Trump will go to trial:

They had opportunities to settle.  We don’t know what the facts behind that t are. However, the 250 million pursuant to the 200-page indictment by — — just our unshakable attorney general is the base that she is looking for. That’s not the ceiling. We’re talking about anywhere, in about anywhere my estimation based upon the documents that I know the attorney general has, I  suspect are probably looking at somewhere between 750 million to one billion dollars in penalties and fines.

Cohen pointed out that these are financial and tax crimes that Trump has potentially committed and the numbers don’t lie, so unlike other cases against Trump where it is his word against someone else’s, the problem here is a mountain of written evidence and documents laying out the fraud that was committed.

If New York tries to recover a billion dollars against Trump, it will financially ruin the former president, his family, and his business.

Trump has an estimated $900 million in loans that are coming due from 2022-2024. His businesses have been failing for years, as his main source of revenue was fundraising, and when he was president, grifting off of the taxpayers and using his position to make money.

If New York comes after Trump for everything that is owed, he will be financially destroyed.