Trump Is Deranged, Unhinged, A Danger To Others

During a round table discussion on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Republican Party campaign consultant Scott Jennings went off on Donald Trump in a manner that one rarely hears from Republicans. Of course, this hasn’t been a normal Trump week. Trump has never threatened someone by saying that the person had a DEATH WISH as Trump did with respect to the most powerful Republican Senator in modern history, Mitch McConnell.

Jennings said: (VIDEO BELOW)

It’s hard to know where to start, with the assassination instructions or the blatant racism.”

No, start with the “assassination instructions,” because Trump showed his racism moments after coming down the escalator.

“If you read that whole thing out loud, if you were on the street and heard someone muttering that on a street corner, you wouldn’t say, ‘Hmm, let’s hand this person the presidency or the Republican nomination for president.

“You’d say call 911 because it sounds like an unhinged, deranged person is on the loose and out on the street and may be a danger to themselves and others.”

And then Jennings really hit his stride:

“It’s outrageous, beyond the pale. Every Republican ought to be able to say so. It’s not good for the party. It’s not good for him.

“On the right, right now, it is really in vogue to pass around clips of Joe Biden looking like he’s confused or sort of out of it, whatever. You tell me that [Trump’s post] doesn’t sound like deranged, unhinged, confused, whatever — it’s the same. If you want to say these things about Joe Biden, look at Donald Trump’s words right now and tell me this guy sounds like he’s got his stuff together.”

Biden may occasionally have moments of forgetfulness that he might not have had as a younger man, but his judgment and critical thinking are as sharp as ever. There is no comparison, none at all. Biden is using the presidency to put together the most effective and consequential term since Reagan upended the country (It was effective for Reagan). Biden has given DeSantis everything he’s asked for and is going down to the belly of the beast in “Red-area Florida” because he cares. Trump is a raving lunatic who is beyond dangerous. He is trying to take the country down as a means of self-preservation. Oh, and isn’t it amazing how Trump has done nothing of consequence for his neighbors in Florida?