Trump Likely To Be Subpoenaed Tomorrow By The 1/6 Committee

Donald Trump’s legal problems are about to get even worse as the 1/6 Committee is likely to subpoena him on Wednesday.


Nicolle Wallace said on her MSNBC program Deadline: White House:

The congressional panel tasked with investigating the deadly Capitol insurrection is likely to issue a subpoena tomorrow to the man who’s at the center of the plot to overturn the election. The man whose lies about the results pose a threat to democracy to this day.

The ex-president himself, Donald Trump. That subpoena promises to add to his mountain of legal trouble and peril. The ones he already faces. Multiple investigations into his handling of government records, family businesses, and his attempt to overturn his defeat. It sets the stage for a number of big decisions for the January 6 Select Committee. 

How Trump responds to the subpoena will be interesting. Trump could scream witch hunt and try to create numerous distractions to hide the fact that he is scared to show up and testify, as Michael Cohen has suggested.

The 1/6 Committee is likely to give Trump the live forum that he wants for his testimony, although it has been reported that the Committee is not in universal agreement on those topics.

Subpoena day is coming for Trump.

The games will immediately start, as the former president will attempt to run out the clock and avoid testifying.

Either way, the pressure will grow on Trump as soon as the Committee issues its subpoena.