Trump Organization Criminal Trial Starts Monday

You cannot throw a corporation in jail, obviously. But. just as obviously, one can hold the corporation criminally liable for breaking laws concerning taxes, valuations, fraud, obstruction of justice, and plenty more. Tomorrow, the criminal Trump for the Trump organization begins.  Ironically, progressives have always envisioned Trump marching off in an orange suit. Perhaps, instead, he dies a death of a thousand cuts.

From The Washington Post:

Trump Organization, former president Donald Trump’s namesake company, is set to go on trial Monday for alleged tax crimes — the result of a lengthy investigation into the company and its executives related to fraud and other potentially illegal business practices.

Trump is not charged personally and the portion of the investigation for which he still could face criminal charges is not yet concluded by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigators.

Bragg has promised to announce the results of the remaining parts of the Trump probe when it is finalized, but to date, the only charges filed have been against the Trump Organization, its subsidiary Trump Payroll Corporation and its longtime Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg.

Given that Michael Cohen said that nothing happened in the Trump Organization without crossing Trump’s desk and that CFO Allen Weisselberg was criminally charged and cut a deal, one gets the sense (but cannot prove) that the Manhattan D.A. did not want to unleash the explosion that would happen if Trump were personally indicted and instead went after the business that feeds the empire. One cannot throw a company in jail, but one can fine it into oblivion or even give it the death penalty, dissolution. Again, there is no proof. It is possible. Veteran prosecutors quit in protest. There was a lot of evidence.

Speaking of the impending trial.

Trump probably isn’t enjoying life much these days. Oh, sure, he enjoyed his rally last night, sucking up the adoration of the crowd. But he endured what had to be an extremely uncomfortable deposition last week in his rape-defamation case. His company’s criminal trial begins this week. The Durham investigation amounted to nothing, failing to find the promised deep state plot that would prove the FBI made up the Russia Russia Russia thing for Hillary. The House Select Committee is wrapping up its work. Democrats are doing better than expected in mid-term polling. Then there is the Eastman criminal exception regarding emails. The FBI believes he has more files and wants a coordinated look through Mar-a-Lago. Oh, and some of the files Trump had pertained to Iranian missiles and Chinese defense capability.

Not good times at all.