TSA’s Pekoske Confirmed for Second Term

The U.S. Senate voted to confirm David Pekoske for a second five-year term as the Transportation Security Administration administrator, the agency announced Thursday. 

Pekoske leads a workforce of about 60,000 employees, the security operations at nearly 430 airports in the United States and has federal responsibility for the security of surface transportation in the U.S. including pipelines, rail and mass transit systems, according to TSA.

During his first term, he focused on the agency’s implementation of technology advancements at airport security checkpoints, including improvements in X-ray, identity management and on-person screening technology. Goals for his second term include pay equity, continued investments in technology and strengthening partnerships with transportation stakeholders and international governments, according to the agency.

In addition, President Biden appointed Pekoske to serve as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security on Jan. 20, 2021. He returned to TSA on June 28, 2021, according to the agency.