Tucker Carlson Just Got Hammered By The White House

The White House issued a rare public rebuke of Tucker Carlson and his false effort to rewrite the history of the 1/6 attack.

White House spokesperson Andy Bates said, “We agree with the chief of the Capitol Police and the wide range of bipartisan lawmakers who have condemned this false depiction of the unprecedented, violent attack on our Constitution and the rule of law — which cost police officers their lives. We also agree with what Fox News’s own attorneys and executives have now repeatedly stressed in multiple courts of law: that Tucker Carlson is not credible.”

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This isn’t Donald Trump complaining about journalists who don’t flatter him enough or deem facts fake news. The Biden administration, like all non-Trump administrations has avoided directly questioning the credibility of those in the media, but what Tucker Carlson did with the help of Speaker McCarthy crossed a serious line.

Carlson has poured gasoline on what was already a growing domestic terror threat of political violence. He is attempting to replace history with lies and propaganda. Carlson’s effort has backfired on everyone involved.

Never in the history of Fox News have they taken criticism from Republicans and Democrats.

Tucker Carlson’s behavior is not a partisan issue.

The White House’s call out of Carlson should only add more pressure to what is becoming a cracking Fox News foundation.