Tucker Carlson Tells His Viewers That Hurricanes Are A Scam

Tucker Carlson proved himself dangerous long ago. The misinformation he’s fed this country about FBI plots to carry out the January 6th siege, doubting the January 6th Committee’s evidence, and the rank racism inherent to his “replacement theory” was plenty to make Carlson a serious national security threat. But, even though Carlson is saying that Ian is a legitimate hurricane threat, he says “in the past,” hurricane reporting has been a scam.

The video is below, and this from Huffpo:

The Fox News host teased an upcoming segment about Hurricane Ian by implying hurricanes are a “scam.” Carlson claimed people are “kind of onto the scam” of hurricanes prior to the segment on Ian.”

“So, you hate to hype hurricanes, because it’s just a staple of TV and everyone’s kind of onto the scam,” Carlson said.

Everyone? No. Some of us are aware of the fact that the media isn’t trying to get anyone killed by “scamming” anything. Some people have some skepticism about some things reported by the media (Tucker’s show being the leading candidate) but we also know that when the media is reporting on hurricanes, COVID, and other life-threatening issues, the media is simply relaying the best information the government has at the time. The fact that there are some instances where the science is developing and the facts evolve is not the media or the government’s “fault.” They are doing the best they can with the science known at the time.

Tucker then saves himself. Somewhat:

“But there’s a legitimately large hurricane barreling toward the Gulf Coast of Florida tonight.”

So Tucker Carlson knows that there are some hurricanes that are “scams,” and yet he has also discerned that this one isn’t. But that won’t stop Tucker Carlson from bringing the conspiracy theory up next time. Apparently, the media, which includes Tucker Carlson, are scamming viewers for ratings. Quite typical that Carlson is describing himself because this country needs more conspiracy theories. Carlson’s ratings are dependent upon those conspiracies.