UK Tells Biden No Trump Or Other Ex-Presidents At Queen’s Funeral

Trump reportedly wanted to be invited to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, but the UK government told him there was no room.

Trump reportedly wanted to go to the funeral, which explains all of the fawning and ghostwritten posts about the late queen on his Truth Social account.

The UK government notified embassies worldwide that due to space limitations no one but heads of state will be allowed to attend. This means that Trump can not attend the funeral as Biden’s plus one or plus eight as the case may be.

There was no way that Biden would bring Trump along to the queen’s funeral.

People who try to overthrow the government and are under multiple criminal investigations don’t get to represent the United States at high-profile funerals. Even if Biden could have invited all the living ex-presidents, he would have left Trump off the list.

Donald Trump will be sitting in front of his TV watching the queen’s funeral on Fox News, jealous that Joe Biden is there.