Wikipedia Owner Jimmy Wales Confirms Website’s Future

'Not For Sale': Wikipedia Owner Jimmy Wales Confirms Website's Future

Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, cautioned that the business is “not for sale.”

After the topic of the acquisition of Wikipedia was stirred by a journalist, its founder, Jimmy Wales, made it clear through a tweet that the free online encyclopaedia is “not for sale.”

Mr. Wales was replying to a journalist’s tweet asking Twitter boss Elon Musk: “I wonder how much Wikipedia would cost?”

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX, had criticised the organisation a few days prior for ostensibly considering removing a page concerning the infamous “Twitter Files,” claiming it has a “left-wing bias.”

The two have frequently clashed in the past, particularly when it comes to Musk’s online trolling, which mostly targets Wikipedia because of its open accessibility and user-contributed edits.

Elon Musk criticised Wikipedia’s removal of the recession page edit in July of this year, saying the site had lost sight of its main objective.

According to the business magazine Forbes, Jimmy Wales is perhaps most famous for co-founding the world’s largest repository of human knowledge, Wikipedia, and the underlying Wikimedia Foundation. It’s perhaps one of the biggest decentralised efforts to produce and edit content around the world as well.

Meanwhile, Twitter users voted decisively in a poll for Elon Musk to step down as chief executive of the social media platform, a backlash against the billionaire less than two months after he took over in what has been a chaotic and controversial reign.

Musk said on Sunday he would abide by the results of the poll, but did not give details on when he would step down if results said he should. He had said that there is no successor yet.

About 57.5% votes were for “Yes”, while 42.5% were against the idea of Musk stepping down as the head of Twitter, according to the poll the billionaire launched on Sunday evening. Over 17.5 million people voted.

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